EGX 2018

Showcasing the Alpha Build

The Tony Slopes team took to EGX this year to showcase the alpha build after only a few months of development. We decided it was ready for play-testing and getting into players hands.

Public involvement was always seen as a major part of the plan for Tony Slopes. We not only wanted to let users offer their opinions but to also let them decide what vehicles would feature in the game. 

To help capture some of the amazing suggestions, we created a poll for some wacky new rides to go into the game. The poll closes November 30th 2018, so make sure to get your votes in! The top 2 vehicles will be going into the game ready for release. 

Although still in quite a primitive state, the Tony Slopes alpha received an incredible response at EGX and the team were overwhelmed with the feedback. People crowded the stand, added the game to their wishlists on Steam and many were returning daily to play! It was 4 days filled with fun, excitement and laughter!

Here are the top ten best responses from EGX:

“You guys are sitting on the next viral game!”
“I’ve been coming to EGX for 8 years and I’m only interested in indie games and over that time, this is the best game I’ve seen!”
“You’ve won, hands down, this was the best from the indie section”
“I’m buying this game twice, one for each of my sons!”
“I’ve seen some good games today, but Tony Slopes really stood out for me!”
“Utterly wonderful nonsense!”
“Not usually my type of game, but I'm going to be buying this one!”
“I'm going to be thinking about this game for the rest of the day!”
“This game is exactly what I came to EGX to see!”
“You sold it to me as soon as you said I could ride a whale!”

If you haven't already you can sign up for our closed beta selection. If you want to get early access to the game and want to help shape it to release, this is a great way to get involved.
Again, a big thanks to everyone who attended the show and visited and played Tony Slopes. An extended thank you to those who offered business cards, interviews and services.
Our presskit is now available for a download. We also have an online version available on IGDB.
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Thank you to Max & Terry for giving us their consent to use this footage.