Your Vote Counts!

We are handing it over to YOU to vote for the next 2 vehicles to go into the game!

We met with many people at the EGX show who gave us some amazing ideas for new vehicles which we have added to the list below. Note: If you were at EGX and you don't see your idea, it could be that it fell into one of the following 3 categories:
a) x-rated
b) too similar to others
c) copyright / licensing issues

There are over 70 suggestions to pick from in the list below, but remember you are also free to add your own ideas. (Scroll to the end of the list). Please note, the lists are being monitored by admin, so items may be removed if they fall under any of the categories above.
Once you have selected 3 ideas and hit submit, you will not get another chance, so choose wisely!

Also in response to a number of companies / organisations requesting their own branded mascots or logos to be featured in the game, we have now set up an additional poll! So make sure to vote for your favourite 'branded' hat to be added into the released version of Tony Slopes.

Happy voting!

Closing Date for voting is midnight 30th November 2018!



Select your top three vehicles:

Branded Hats

Get your company logo in the game.

If you are a company or organisation and wish to see your logo/mascot featured as a wearable hat, please contact us to be added to the votable list below!

Vote for your favourite company / organisation:

Apply to be added:

Dead Ringer
Res-Q Ranger
Scrub-A-Dub Tub
Snow Kart 5000
Executive C30
Bass Racer
Big Brenda
Humpback Hero
Public Voted Vehicle 1
Public Voted Vehicle 2