Jump into the wonderful world of Tony Slopes and race a whole host of utterly ridiculous and outlandish vehicles down some of the most treacherous and unpredictable terrains.

Race in single or multiplayer mode and earn your way up to legendary status as you battle through the ranks to conquer extreme locations like the Snowman’s Deathdrop, the Ring of Fire and Lost Vegas. 

Single player racing is where you will build up skills to be able to unlock new levels, vehicles and racers. Multiplayer is the time to earn your funds which can be used to purchase all those essential headpieces like a fluorescent orange traffic cone, a viking helmet or even a cowboy hat! 

With a variety of fun-filled, themed races to compete on, multiple vehicles and headpieces to try out, Tony Slopes is bound to keep you and your friends entertained for hours on end!

What makes this game different from other racing games?
Allow us to explain... 
Step 1, Choose a vehicle...! 
(Go for something you think you can handle!)
Step 2, Select a racer...! 
(Preferably someone who knows what they're doing!)
Step 3, Find a safe place to play...! 
(You know, like a dense jungle or a nice rocky cliff!)
Step 4, Grab some sensible headgear..! 
(Safety first, and all that!)
Step 5, Put your pedal to the metal...or whatever your vehicles equivalent is!
(Collect all the achievements and earn legendary status on the slopes!)
One final note...please be vigilant out there! We have high-viz officials dotted around the course...
(Ok, they're not trained, but knocking over any of these fine folk WILL result in a fine!)

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