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"Absolutely Outstanding!" - Rock Paper Shotgun


"Tony Slopes was a great laugh and a lot of fun!"60 Minutes With

"It’s the kind of thing that’s probably going to go viral just because of its silliness" - L Plays Gaming

"First impressions are excellent" - TotalGamingAddicts

"In the Rezzed Zone...the big highlight had to go to Tony Slopes" - Gamepopper

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'Work In Progress' Screenshots (2020)


Game Description

Get ready for the ride of your life in this wild and wacky racing extravaganza!

Select an adrenaline fuelled racer, pick out some fetching safety headgear and choose a ‘vehicle’, which in the world of Tony Slopes™ could be anything from an office chair to a great white shark!

Battle hard and work your way up through the ranks to unlock all 9 (in Early Access) scenic yet treacherous landscapes spanning across 4 different environment types including snow, desert, jungle and volcanic.

Start your engines, put your pedal to the metal (or whatever your “vehicle’s” equivalent is) and get ready to use your WASTED ENERGY™ boost, when the time is right!

Be sure to keep an eye on your opponent’s health wheel during the race and look for signs of weakness. A little shove in the right direction will give you an opportunity to introduce them to the dirt!...Be warned however, it is likely they will want to return the favour!

There are also a number of untrained volunteer security guards pacing the track who are there for your safety! Keep your eyes peeled and do not run over the guards! Oh...and an additional reminder at this point...DO NOT run over the guards!

Get into the groove with a selection of upbeat tunes including drum and bass, metal, rock and electro unless of course you just fancy some quiet time racing along to the raw ambient soundtrack of nature.

Progress your way through the various levels to unlock all the achievements, earn your legendary status and become the Ultimate Tony Slopes™ Champion!

If however you want to avoid all the challenges and jump straight into the toy box, head over to multiplayer mode and either host your own race or join in on a session.



Tony Slopes™ Early Access

Designed and created in the Unreal Engine by a small family-run design team in Malvern, Worcestershire UK, SEEDTECH Studios are in the process of building a strong foundation for the Tony Slopes™ racing title. There are no limits to where the game can go from this point and the Early Access version is just the beginning!

By creating a platform that gives the developers an opportunity for their imaginations to run wild in terms of character creation, map design and pretty much anything you can imagine as a vehicle, it opens the doors to an endless world of possibilities!

However it is not just the developers who will have all the fun, the community will also play a major role in the process! It will be your feedback, suggestions and ideas that will ultimately shape the game!

Head over to the Discord channel, STEAM discussions and social media pages today and make your voice heard!

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