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EGX, 2019

London, excel 17TH - 20TH OCTOBER


Tony Slopes™ RETURNS TO EGX 2019

Following the fantastic response to the alpha build at the 2018 EGX Show in Birmingham, we returned again to showcase the progress of our wacky title, Tony Slopes™.

With Tony Slopes™ being our first ever game here at SEEDTECH Studios, we found EGX 2018 to be the perfect place to gauge public reaction, gather feedback, talk to the gamers and listen to opinions and ideas for improvements. We always felt public involvement should play a high priority in the development and we wanted to allow people the opportunity to help steer the course of the game. (After all, they'll be the ones playing it!).

A poll was set up during the course of the 2018 show to let fans decide what 2 vehicles should be added to the game. The only rules were that it had to be family-friendly and it couldn't be an 'actual' vehicle (like a car or motorbike).

With complete free range to vote for literally anything, the list began piling up and votes were rising. Requests were coming in for some pretty wild ideas, which we happily encouraged. To give some insight, here are just a handful of them: Inflatable unicorn, hospital bed, sofa, magic carpet, garden gnome, rocking horse, space hopper and a wheelie bin, which actually made it to the top 5!

Following 2 months of voting, we selected the top 2 as voted by you! And so they were born...
The 'Splash Dasher' (a 20ft great white shark) and the 'Party Pooper' (a lovely porcelain toilet!) You strange people!!

So look forward to checking these out at EGX 2019!


Splash Dasher


Party Pooper

If you are coming to EGX London, make sure you stop by and play!
Our booth will be on Rezzed Stand 9, Seats 3&4!

If you haven't got your ticket yet, simply Click here (link expired) to go straight to the EGX website!

We look forward to seeing you all soon, the SEEDTECH Studios Team.


EGX, 2018



We took to the EGX show this year to showcase the alpha build of Tony Slopes™ after just a few months of development. Having been so heavily absorbed in the making of the game on a daily basis, we decided it was probably a good idea to package up our progress, down tools and get it in front of some fresh eyes to see what reaction we'd get from the gaming community, before we took it any further.  

As this was our first ever game, we literally had no idea what to expect from the show and there were a few moments where we did wonder if an alpha build would be enough for people to get excited about or understand the concept of what we were trying to do. However, our fears were quickly put to bed as the show went better than any of us had expected! People crowded the stand, added the game to their wishlists on Steam and many were returning daily to play! It was 4 days of fun, excitement and laughter and we left the show with a clearer vision of how we would continue to develop the game.


Here WERe the top ten best responses from EGX 2018:


“You guys are sitting on the next viral game!”

“I’ve been coming to EGX for 8 years and I’m only interested in indie games and over that time,

this is the best game I’ve seen!”

“You’ve won, hands down, this was the best from the indie section”

“I’m buying this game twice, one for each of my sons!”

“I’ve seen some good games today, but Tony Slopes really stood out for me!”

“Utterly wonderful nonsense!”

“Not usually my type of game, but I'm going to be buying this one!”

“I'm going to be thinking about this game for the rest of the day!”

“This game is exactly what I came to EGX to see!”

“You sold it to me as soon as you said I could ride a whale!”

Thank you to Max & Terry (who were regulars at the stand) for their permission to use this footage.


We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who attended the show and visited the Tony Slopes™ stand. An extended thank you to those who offered business cards, interviews and services. It was lovely to meet you all!

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